I'm launching a new website soon but until then, what is a PERSONAL REBOOT?

A rebooting of your PHYSICAL, MENTAL and emotional HEALTH to empower you to unleash your POTENTIAL.


Do you feel TIRED, RUN DOWN and OUT OF SHAPE?  Do you LACK DIRECTION and fulfillment at work?  Could your personal relationships be improved?  Do you want to break free of COMPULSIVE and non-serving BEHAVIOURS?  Could a change to your mindset alleviate feelings of DEPRESSION and ANXIETY?


I’m Rory, the man behind manplusfood. I offer a Personal Coaching programme that will transform your health by hacking your brain, body and diet to improve the way you eat, move and think.

What is Personal Coaching? It’s a unique combination of life coaching, nutritional advice and personal training designed to empower you to make, meet and exceed your goals.

As your Personal Coach, I will help you to identify your vision for success and set the personal, health and professional goals that will get you there. We will work together to modify the behaviour and actions that are holding you back.  My bespoke Personal Coaching programme combines mindset guidance and progressive nutritional and training advice, to support your health transformation.  

For more information on Personal Coaching, contact me via the form below.  Lets discuss, where you are right now, your desire for change and how I can support your ambition.


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