When it comes to our health, why do we trust numbers so much more than our feelings?

When it comes to our health, why do we trust numbers so much more than our feelings?  The world of popular nutrition, the diet industry, the whole health and fitness sector has gone data mad – wearable tech, apps, calorie counting, hitting your macros.  It’s as if by relentlessly measuring and tracking we can engineer personal growth through process.

Yes, if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing but we’re cleverer than that.  Provided we intuitively know what works for us then if we’re not tracking it doesn’t mean we’re guessing, it means we know what we want to do, we can feel our way to our end-goal.  I could write my client the most rigorous, scientifically supported nutrition and training plans going but if they’re not adhered to, they’re useless.  The best-laid plans of mice and men.  Adherence is about more than numbers, numbers aren’t emotive.  It’s about finding a ‘why’ that emotionally resonates with you.         

For example, I don’t think we feel a visceral pull towards losing 5kg.  If we fail it’s a stick to beat ourselves with and a reason to give up trying to be better, and if we can summon the will-power to succeed in our goal of losing 5kg, how do we feel?  It’s anti-climactic.  Any sense of achievement is short lived.  We’re left feeling deflated.  It doesn’t change how we feel about yourselves because it was never about losing 5kg, it was about wanting to feel better about who we are, wanting to be a better version of ourselves and we thought we’d feel better or be better by losing 5kg.  We didn’t have our visceral ‘why’.  We put the cart before the horse. 

If we stop reacting to and reinforcing the voice in our head that says, ‘your fat, you’re unhealthy, you can’t lose weight, there’s no point in trying, you’ll only fail, if you do lose weight you’ll put it back on again anyway’, and replace that voice with one that says, ‘your value and the love people show you bares no relation to your weight but I salute your desire to grow and be better tomorrow’, then change is possible, you can support yourself to be a better partner/mother/father/etc.  As a result of moving towards that better version of yourself, you’ll adhere your nutrition and training plans and find your ideal weight without trying to.   

You can replace losing weight and the associated related negative self-belief for any other aspect of your life you’d like to change.  To change those voices in your head, you need to change your mindset.  Changing your mindset will deliver to all those health goals that you want to hit.  Assess yourself against meaningful criteria like, adherence to a being the person you want to be – a real living, breathing, human being that experiences and interacts with the world, not a facsimile that weighs 5kg less.

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