parkrun: changing lives 5km at a time

Don’t like to look at yourself ‘mirror-curling’ a dumbbell wearing expensive body-hugging workout gear?  Don’t want to pay for a Crossfit membership but want to find a tribe?  Parkrun maybe your answer.

Founded in 2004 to help people be the best they can be, while giving everyone the right to do what they want, parkrun UK brings together over 200,00 people across 1,500 plus events every weekend because the ethos is great – change lives and grow as individuals (founder, Paul Sinton-Hewit).    

parkrun has disrupted the way we are sold and consume exercise in the UK without commodifying their form of disruption.  Run as a non-for-profit, parkrun relies on volunteers to make it happen.  It’s not about status or ability, it’s about community – local groups that reinforce themselves.

The parkrun following is expected to grow to a million in 5 years.  Be one of them or find another way to get outside and sweat, and if in doing so you can disrupt the commodifying of exercise and fitness, all the better.

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