Should we all go teetotal?

Research carried out as part of the Global Burden of Diseases study at the University of Washington and published in the Lancet suggests alcohol is the biggest risk factor for death and disability for adults under 50. Their research also suggests that the negative impact of alcohol on health outweighs any health benefit, prompting us to ask, should we all go teetotal?

Personally, I had a great night last night with friends and we were all drinking. Would we have had fun without booze? Of course, but we have been socially conditioned in the UK to associate alcohol with fun, family occasions, and catch-ups with mates.

The dangers to our physical health from alcohol have long been known. This latest piece of research merely suggests the risks are greater than we feared. What I’m really interested in, is the danger alcohol (and other means of numbing out – recreational drugs, binge eating, social media, porn, etc.) pose to our mental and emotional health.

If you enjoy a drink in moderation and the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for you then great, but if you find yourself reaching for a drink to de-stress, to escape, to forget, or to feel something else/other, then try to pause and ask yourself, might confronting the root of my desire to numb out be more productive? Be kind to yourself.

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