Bouldering your way through life?

My body hurts this morning.  I went bouldering last night for the first time in years and it was hard work.  As people rhythmically floated across the wall above and below me I struggled.  The hand holds felt awkward, I didn’t know where to put my feet and the more force I applied the more the wall resisted.  I repeatedly failed at the same point.

To positively affect your health, we must change the way you think.  Stop forcing behavioural change because your subconscious drives will exhaust your willpower.  Start thinking about why you fail to make change permanent.  Think about the bullshit you believe about yourself that holds you back and stops you from making change stick.

Exposed to the light of analysis, our negative self-beliefs really are bullshit.  Internalise a new story, one where the process of getting to the top of the wall has real and relatable meaning.  You will fail many times but each time the hand holds will become more familiar, the foot placement more natural and the process of scaling the figurative wall will make real change to your life.

My bespoke Personal Coaching programme runs for three months and follows personalised, mindful and progressive plans to hack your mindset and lifestyle and make positive changes to the way you think, eat and move, improving your health and sense of wellbeing. 

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